Elton John Solo Tour

Dresden Germany 29.06.1999

... "Reg's little Moments and no Tiaris" ...

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Review of that night:

while Halle was such a beautiful show Dresden was horrible, the worst mood I ever saw Sir Elton John in.

During the concert I had the change to take some really nice photos I wanted to share, that pays of the bad mood Sir Elton John was in.

It al started at the entrance to the Theaterplatz (a large place in front of the famous Semperoper), they checked for mirror reflection cameras and even my plastic cub in which my flowers where, to give them water till I could give them to Sir John, wasn't allowed to take in. Everyone was given sunglasses to put on for welcoming Sir John (I thought that that would be idiotic but let them do what they think).

I was very lucky with my seat, center block row 4 seat 3 on the left, straight view to the piano. A lot of other fans were not so lucky, they bought cards, that should have been in the left side block at the side of the center block but it was opposite, yes for the left side but it was the outer side (totally left) so they nearly couldn't see anything. Security was very rigorous they said that no one is aloud to stand in front of the stage, before the concert even had started. The stage was very high, so it wouldn't be easy to hand the flowers to Sir John, but a lot of space between the stage and the first row. There were two video screens at the sides hung up and much more speakers at the sides, the rest the same as Halle. Weather was cloudy but it didn't rain, the concert started a little to late.

I wasn't suspicious at that moment but later a lot explained itself. The girls standing in front of the stage had signs leaning at the bottom of the stage that said put up your sunglasses now. But when the entrance music started the girls didn't lift the signs up, but instead went to there seats and the signs where removed by security. The press photographers ran around in front of the stage, and then the moment was there Sir Elton John entered the stage. Wow did he look good, he wore a various violet white checked suit with sparkling ornaments (the kind that the Greek normally have on there pottery) at the lower bottom of the jacket and the stomach of the trouser below a violet T-shirt. Had no good look at his shoos and don't remember the earring. The people of the side block had gotten up an tried to go nearer to the stage security forced them to sit down. Sir John talked a little "Guten Abend Dresden" and how nice it is to perform on such a historical place and started with Your Song. After that song security forced even the press photographers to leave. The audience was stiff stiffer stiffest (if you know what I mean), no hopping and bopping, if you moved they looked at you whether you could be ill. Awful, and the fans were not allowed to stand a long time, always there was a security guy forcing them to sit down. Nearly after each song one ore more people were allowed to bring flowers to Sir John but had to leave and sit down after that.

The show went on Sir John did a great job on the piano, the usual talking in front of the first songs. Two people managed after bringing him flowers, to get a picture vinyl of Single Man signed and something else, and that were the only autographs of the evening he gave. Suddenly no one was allowed to go to the stage and bring flowers (Security later said it was the order of Sir John). Because I still had mine and didn't know about that, I tried after The One and security signed me to go back and a guy told me no more flowers, nothing at all, but for the last 3 songs we will be allowed. I asked whether the last songs or the encore, the last songs was the answer. So I sat down again and tried to enjoy but couldn't, there was the clear smell of something being wrong, didn't know what. The set list was shortened down, he didn't play Something About The Way You Look Tonight, Sorry Seams To Be The Hardest Word and Levon. When after Take Me To The Pilot he went into Candle In The Wind I thought okay its offer I'll take my flowers back home and give them to my mum she at last will be very thankful. But he didn't stop and went on with Crocodile Rock and let the people sing along the lalala part. So the people who had been told to come for the last 3 songs came but were sent back. A friend of mine tried to get across security and they nearly tore her T-shirt apart by holding her back. Sir John left after Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, and everyone stood up with big applause, security still held back people from the stage.

Sir John returned to play Circle Of Life and the front of the stage was still empty. I was nearly going crazy, got my flowers, and managed to get into a good position when the run for the stage would start. And after that song we were allowed to go. Wonderful in one hand I had the flowers, in the other my photo, love to be packed with things standing in the middle of a crowed pushing you around, it was crowded an everyone tried to get a good place in front of the stage. The fact that I'm tall was very useful my friend nearly couldn't look over the stage her nose touching the top of the stage. I got a good position in front of the piano. Sir John left again, and we still had our flowers.

After he dressed to a black jogging suit like two part thing he returned an at last took the flowers, a short handshake, sat down played the last song and everything was over.

If I would have written the report yesterday immediately after the concert I would have railed at Sir John much.. He cant act like that to fans. If he is in a bad mood, okay I'm sorry for him, I don't think he is in a bad mood because of me or his fans, so he cant go out and vent his anger to his fans. I cant go to work and let the customers feel my bad mood, I have to swallow it, put a smile in my face and ask what can I do for you, otherwise I would be fired. In one way we are his customers, spending 100$ on a ticket. I'm sad that no one had taught him a little more self control. If I could pay that evening back on him I would do so. During the concert I thought what could I do, to show him: not with me! But there is no way, stand up and leave, he wont notice. Don't get me wrong, still love his music very much but I'm mad at the person Elton John. One evening you get a kiss on your hand because of bringing him flowers and the next evening you have such trouble to bring to him flowers at all, no change to enjoy the concert at all. Why can't he bite into a lemon an forget his anger. On my way home, had to drive 3 hours, I was hard on the edge not to listen to his music, but had no other cassette in the car. Still very much addicted to his music, but nearly cured from Eltonitis.

Thanks for reading and pleas don't kill me because I wrote what I thought and still feel.

The news paper cleard what mad Sir Elton John so mad before the Dresden show.

His personal container (his dressing and relaxing place) wasn't allowed to be put up at the performing area, the responsible people for the concert in Dresden said that there is not enough space. He should go to a nearby hotel and get dressed there. But to reach the hotel he would have had to walk across the hole square, being escorted (may be even hunted) by fans and press people, can you imagine what that would have been for a walk? He refused to do so. A view days before the concert, the responsible people for the concert already tried to get him into using the hotel (just for the prestige for the hotel having Sir Elton John as a guest), but Sir Elton John didn't want to use the hotel. When he arrived in Dresden at tuesday he ordered to immediately bring his cloth from the hotel and had to get dressed behind the stage, there where no real separated space for him and may be he had even to dress in front of the backstage people. That was the reason why he was in such a bad mood. Okay I can understand that one, everyone needs privacy, and such a person more than normal ones. It is a understandable reason but not an excuse to let his fans down. So if things are explained, accepting and understanding is much more easier. Hope that never again things go wrong that much as Dresden for him.


Setlist of that night:

Your Song

Skyline Pigeon

The Greatest


Border Song

Live Like Horses


Honky Cat

Rocket Man


Better Off Dead


I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues


Carla Etude and direct into Tonight

I Don't Want To Go On With You Like That

The One

Blue Eyes

Mona Lisa And The Mad Hatters

Candle In The Wind

Take Me To The Pilot

Crocodile Rock

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me


Circle Of Live Bennie And The Jets


The Last Song


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