Elton John Solo Tour

Halle Germany 26.06.1999

... "When stars collide like you and I" ...

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The Concert was one of the best I ever attended, so I wanted to share the photos I was able to make plus a beautiful picture taken from a friend of mine.


Review of that night:

It was great, just a very special show for me.

Had all well planed, started with getting good seats in row 9 on the floor, and recording a cassette of the known set lists from the USA part of the tour for preparation, as well as buying flowers and writing a card to add to the flowers.

The Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle is a tennis court stadium, and that made it special. Idiotically the floor seats got in front of row 1 another row name it zero so there was rely not much space in front of the stage so the security didn't let people stay at the stage. The concert started in time (there were speaker announcements before, that everyone should get to their seats, because the artist did want to start right in time).

When I got in the stadium I was sad that I didn't have taken my mirror reflection camera with me, there was no security check for the floor seat audience, could have smuggled in everything even a cassette recorder. But so I only had my small pocket camera with me because in Munich last year security was very tight, no way for something not allowed.

Sir Elton John came out in a light pink suit with sparkling stones in helical forms all over the suit (same stile as the light green one he wore last year at the face to face concert in Munich) underneath the suite there was no T-shirt! He wore a light pink shirt, looked rally good. His glasses were light red tinted, and he wore the cross bone earring. (Don't shoot me but I can't say whether he lost or gained weight, the only thing I can say is that he looked incredible good.) I felt that the atmosphere was very special that night, it was a little high class atmosphere (bad for that part of the fans who love to rock it up, but nice to lean back and enjoy the concert), because there where a lot of high class people on the floor section it sure was stiff, but for me it didn't matter.

When Sir Elton John came on stage a couple of fans gave him flowers. Before he started he mentioned that he likes to play here tonight, because normally here would be plaid tennis and as we all know he loves to play tennis. So he finds it special to play piano on a tennis court. The weather was really gentle with us, sunshine till sunset. The stage filled the whole width of the Tennis court and had one Video screen in the middle, piano as always at the left side.

Before Sir John started to play he mentioned that he would play some well known songs and some not so well known, that not the whole audience might know. The set list didn't change much from the US he played Live Like Horses instead of Talking Old Soldier (was sad because would have loved to hear that on live), canceled Blessed for that one he played House, added Something About The Way You Look Tonight and didn't play Written In The Stars.

For the first half of the concert he talked before he played a song about the song to be played. Stopped to do that after Carla Etude went into Tonight. That was the time when I decided to bring him my flowers and after a miss try (reaching the stage when he already sat down to play again) I managed to give them to him, was a very special moment, one of that moments you might never forget and tell your grandchildren. All happened so quick, he took the folwers, and grabbed for my hand, to shake it, no not to shake it, he bent down, and his lips touched the back of my hand. Never expected to get a kiss on my hand from a Sir. It was really wet. It took a while to realize what had happened, but I had time for that during the rest of the concert. Went back to my seat till the autographs after I Don't Want To Go On With You Like That, I hurried to the stage to get my Vinyl album Elton John signed, but I didn't succeed, so I stayed at the side of the stage, there security didn't say anything, but the people at the center of the stage were forced to leave, a view fans managed to stay at the sides of the stage for the hole concert, when possible always returning to the middle.

It was a real awesome concert. Sir Elton John did play some Variations in to some songs like In The Mood, the normal let the audience sing along alone with Crocodile Rock. He didn't do much acrobatic during any song, but that's not necessary at all, his musical talent was clear to hear that night, and after Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me he left the stage.

Everyone stood and the thunder of the applause went through the stadium. He returned for the first encore, giving autographs before starting to play and yes I got my autograph this time. Now there were no more security and everyone could stay at the stage. The whole audience stood during the encores. He again mentioned how he loves to play in Germany, because of the wonderful audience (does he say this in every country for the country he plays in?).

When he returned for the last encore he had changed his outfit, he wore something in dark blue, it was not really recognizable what it was. A checkered shirt and over it a leather like jacket, and the trousers of a jogging suit. Strange but it didn't matter he sat down talked about war and the poor situation of the people in Africa because of aids all over the world, and how glad nearly everyone here tonight can be, and started Candle in the Wind. Said good by and left, shaking some hands while leaving, and everything was over.

Gosh, that was a great night, 3 hours of pure joy were over. A little of the flair was suffering because it was not dark but didn't matter. It's so awesome how Sir John is able to play piano, wish that he always would tour solo.

Hopefully you enjoyed my report,

In brackets you find what Sir John said (what I can remember) before some songs.

Your Song (this song should be known by everyone),

Skyline Pigeon (from his first studio Album)

The Greatest Discovery (song is about the birth of Berny Taupins brother),

Ticking (old song but, sad situation of gun shootings in USA Schools makes it up to date)

Carla Etude (instrumental peace never been played live in Germany)


Setlist of that night:

Your Song

Skyline Pigeon

The Greatest Discovery

Border Song

Live Like Horses


Honky Cat

Rocket Man


Better Off Dead


Something About The Way You Lock Tonight

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues


Carla Etude and direct into Tonight

I Don't Want TO Go On With You Like That

The One

Blue Eyes

Mona Lisa And The Mad Hatters

Take Me To The Pilot

Sorry Seams To Be The Hardest Word


Crocodile Rock


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