Elton John Solo Tour

Frankfurt Germany 21.11.2000

... "It's a cold wind blowing" ...

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Nice view from above. But a little far away from the Stage, so the pictures are not too good.


Review that night:

Great show, wow.

Had to drive 2 and a half hours to reach Frankfurt, but it was worth it. Didn't have the best tickets, first balcony, first row, a good unblocked few, if sitting on the very edge of the chair, pressing the knees against the balcony (my knees still hurt :-)). Our seats were about 10 meters over the floor seats and 15 to 20 rows (measured on the floor seats) away from the stage.

The show was sold out, and I couldn't find more than 3 empty seats after half of the show. The Frankfurt Festhalle is a lovely place for a concert I have to say.

Elton wore a orange jacket, underneath a black T-shirt, black trousers, orange tinted glasses and I can't remember a earring. His voice sounded a little bit rough when talking, and he did a lot of talking that evening, he seamed to be in a very good mood.

Set list was nearly the same as Hanover, only the succession of Blue Eyes and The One was changed.

Elton introduced American Triangle as a song from his next album, for which he already has recorded 10 tracks and will go for another 15 in the studio in spring next year (I'm not sure cold have also been 15 recorded and 10 to go, my memory sometimes doesn't serve me so well). The song itself is a beautiful ballad, very heart worming, and the cores of It's a cold wind blowing, Wyoming still echo in my head.

The audience was stiff during the songs but gave Elton more than once a tremendous applause after the songs, once the house trembled under the hand clapping and whistling, the crowed didn't want to stop clapping, Elton only could stop them by starting a new song.

Elton did several special long versions of Philadelphia Freedom, Burn Down The Mission, Take Me to the Pilot and Bennie and the Jets. It's awesome when he switches to so many different songs and always in the mood is with it.

Funny this was my fifth solo show and it appears that there are patterns in performing the songs, when he stands up during playing, or leans back, ore pulls faces, so nice to watch, real sweat.

Security was strict, the space between the stage and the first row was empty when the newspaper photographers had left after your song and a lot of security guys worked to cep it empty, they held back people but allowed them to hand presents between the songs. They even had two guys in the middle gangway sitting with the back to the stage stopping people to go further, a quick photo was allowed and than back to your seat. The balcony seat made it easy to watch what was happening on the floor.

Only a view gifts and Flowers were handed to Elton, two jung fans handed Elton a big red pillow in the form of a hart, on it was a grey rocket mounted and a Union Jack, he seamed to like it. The both girls obvious huge fans, the only ones that brought sings saying Elton Rocks and Hercules.

During the slower songs, some lightning sticks, pocket lighters and sparkling candles appeared in the audience.

After Burn Down The Mission some fans ran for the stage Elton received flowers and signed a couple of autographs. Elton sat down for the next song and security started to clear the space in front of the stage, everyone was forced to return to their seats ore at least to the sid gangways at the walls of the hall. Up there I had no chance to get down and I didn't want to waste my luck, as I wanted to reach the stage after Take Me to the Pilot, because for the last shows the audience was allowed to stay at the stage after that song. So I stood up during the Intro of Take Me to the Pilot and tried to get down to the floor. It was so awesome to walk through the house hearing Elton play, the hallways echoed, the sound was hallow. It took me quite a while to find the right stairs that brought me down, and to the door that would lead me into the floor room section, I hoped not to be send back and was lucky enough to open the first door I fond and end up right at the side of the stage. The security guy gave me a sign to move a little more to the away from the side and there I was ready for the run to the stage. Elton was still at the intro of Take Me to the Pilot! Didn't stop the time, but it could have been 5 Minutes ore even more, enjoyed the song waiting what would happen.

After the song no one could stop the crowd, I ended up right at the piano in a position to look right into Eltons eyes when he looked up during playing, not so good position to take photos but anyway, what a time in front of the stage, ...we were hopping and bopping to the Crocodile Rock Well Crocodile Rocking is something shocking when your feet just can't keep still... during Crocodile Rock, there are no words to describe the pleasure to stand (sorry not standing hopping and clapping) there and then the lalala been conducted by Elton, awesome. After Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me Elton left the stage and returned for the first encore, after Bennie and the Jets he changed into a black leather jacket black T-shirt, golden framed but not tinted glasses, black trousers and again I'm not sure no earring, can't remember one, but funny had a good few an his feet, so I remember he changed from black crocodile ore snake patterned boots into black slippers. :-)

After Candle in the Wind he left and everything was over the light was turned on and the workers started to clear the stage.

Wow what a night.

Why is there no way to preserve it, made some photos, I was too far away so they turned out not so good. But good enugh to remember.


Set list of that night:

Your Song

The Greatest Discovery

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Border Song



Honky Cat

Rocket Man

Tiny Dancer

Philadelphia Freedom

American Triangle



Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

I Guess that's Why They Call it the Blues


Carla/Etude and directly into Tonight

Burn Down The Mission

The One

Blue Eyes

Take Me to the Pilot

Crocodile Rock

Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me


Circle of Life

Bennie and the Jets


Candle in the Wind


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