Elton John Solo Tour

Mannheim Germany 04.07.2000

... "While the other kids were rocking round the Clock we were hopping and bopping to the Crocodile Rock " ...

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Review of that night:

Who ever is responsible for the weather, a big thank you to that one.

On our way to Mannheim, it rained at one point so strong, that we had to drive dead slow. But in Mannheim the weather stayed dry. Again a big crowd outside the concert area, there was only one official entrance and that is way to much for 14 thousand People to get in right in time. We were lucky following someone, who knew a side entrance, otherwise we would have stood there and waited to get in over half an hour, and there were only twenty minutes left.

The scenery was great a courtyard surrounded by historical buildings in the form of an U. Our seats turned out better than thought. Left block (of three in front of the stage) but not at the outer side of the left block, on the inner side, so we had a good view on Elton, sure we saw mostly his back, but you could watch his fingers, and that is relay cute.

Elton cam on stage right in time, wearing a totally black suit with a black shirt underneath, on the back (right shoulder) of the suit and it's left pocket was the glittering head of the medusa, small metal framed orange tinted glasses and no earring. Looked relay great.

Do to the fact of the big crowd outside the entrance, people kept coming and sitting down till Border Song, that was relay disturbing, sometimes other people had taken the seats, and so they had to get up and return to their poorer seats, so the entitled people could sit down. Made the beginning very uneasy. During Empty Garden it is so beautiful to watch the video clips of John Lennon, brings back old memories, of that time.

Elton did the usual talking in front of the songs.

No autograph round this time.

The surrounding buildings are the University of Mannheim, and nearly all the windows, balconies, the roof windows and even the roof itself was used by the students to watch the concert for free. These additional people brought in a great mood and the seated audience this time was much more active too.

For crocodile rock we ran for the stage, and were allowed to stay there. It's so marvellous to stand there and have a time of your live. No words for that. For the encore Elton returned in a orange sportive trouser, a light grey sportive jacket and a shirt. Nice outfit. At the end Elton thanked the audience for being so warm, and the weather of not having rained. Great show.


Setlist of that night:

Your Song

The Greatest Discovery

Someone Saved My Live Tonight

Border Song



Honky Cat

Rocket Man

Tiny Dancer

Philadelphia Freedom



Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues



Burn Down The Mission

The One

Blue Eyes

Empty Garden

Take Me To The Pilot

Crocodile Rock

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me


Circle Of Live

Bennie & The Jets


Candle In The Wind


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