Elton John Songs From The West Coast Tour

Stuttgart Germany 22.06.2002

... "You may not believe it" ...

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Review of that night:

My first EJ show for this year.

After a difficult ticket hunt half a year ago I was happy with my 11'th row floor seats middle block left side and at the gangway. It's curious, we called the ticket office before the tickets went on sale officially and only got these tickets, what do you have to do to get 1st row, call before the show is scheduled? The week before the concert they had 1st row tickets at ebay, but not the middle block only the side block. Wasn't sure what to do, decided to bid till the original price of the cards, but they went a little higher.

At the day of the concert I was very unsure whether to buy flowers or not. Read about the other German shows were security kept people from handing there presents. Last minute I went for a really nice and expensive bunch of flowers. Okay one last try, if I can't get to the stage no more flowers, never, ever!

Arriving early at the venue I was astonished that they didn't have a look at the hand bags at all. Taking my seat I was very pleased with, okay could have been closer to the stage, but hey be pleased with what you have. Outside it was a hot day but inside it wasn't much colder.

The show started right in time, with Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding.

Elton wore a black suit with shoulder straps with thin read stripes around. Made the whole suit look like a military uniform, the revere was surrounded by a silver ribbon and the trousers had although two read stripes at the side. The Glasses had black frames and were dark violet/brown tinted.

He welcomed everybody saying something like "It's great being back in the Charlie Morgan breakdown arena". Could it be that Charliy Mogan had an accident here years ago?

Enjoyed hearing the songs with the band. I knew that Jasmin EJ Fan from Wimsheim (Germany) had birthday today, hoped the best for here and it happened more than anybody could have expected. Elton didn't talk too much but seamed to be in a good mood. The audience gave him a huge welcome and the applause after each song was allways very big.

Elton introduced Ballad Of The Boy With The Red Shoes as a song about a ballet dancer dying of aids, and he massively attacked Ronald Reagan , as the president of the 80's that didn't do anything about aids, so thousands of people dyed. The wasteland he introduced as a blouse number from his new album. I love that song it really rocks. After the song I saw a girl that only could be Jasmin trying to reach the stage. Two security persons were holding her back, but after Elton saw here she did have won the fight. Escorted left and right by the two security's she could hand Elton the huge red plush heart and got here handshake. First fight won for her!

The version of Rocket Man was very long and had a fabulous middle part, after the Song Elton stood up and walked all across the stage huge applause filled the arena, I was very close to get up and try to reach the stage and hand my flowers, but that idea had some other people but they were all sent back, so I missed nothing. I Want Love got credit as the first single from the album, and for This Train Don't Stop There Anymore he said it is the last track and his favorite song and the second single from the new album Songs From The West Coast. The piano intro to Take Me To The Pilot was new and I enjoyed it very much, because it took a while till I knew what song he would play.

Than the band left the stage, and he went on "I will do a view songs on my own". Sacrifice was only him at the piano, for Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word, Guy, Nigel and John supported him, the last two on Vocals. After that Elton again solo, played Ryan Adams (that he praised as a great songwriter) Oh My Sweet Carolina that he said inspired him to Songs From The West Coast, when he heard it the first time. The song fits Elton very well.

The band came back and he talked about the next song American Triangle that is about the murder of Matthew Shepard, that touched him so much that he wanted to make a song about it and Bernie came up with the lyrics. At the end of the song he directly went into Have Mercy On The Criminals. That's a great contrast if you considered the lyrics but sounded so great. After that he introduced the band,. Backing Drums, Percussion Drums John Mahon although Backing Vocals...., Guy Babylon Keyboards and Orchestra, Bob Birch Bass Guitar and Vocals, Drums and Vocals from the original Elton John Band Nigel Olson, and last but not least Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin... sex bomb Davey Johnstone.

For Holiday In he only mentioned it is of the Madman Across The Water album, and probably not so known. The next one too comes from the Madman Across The Water album, Tiny Dancer he said is featured in the movie Almost Famous, but will also be featured in a new movie that is about the life of Chubby Checker named It's a twister never heard of it, but as Stephan from Hercules says he makes it up every night another movie. I had waited so long to hand the flowers always afraid of security but this was the last song before after the next one the run for the stage would start. So I got up after the song and tried my luck. But it was not my day. Elton didn't stand up and security didn't let me through. While talking to them when I would be allowed to hand the flowers, my hope was Elton would see me, but he didn't or didn't want to. Don't know. I returned to my seat and waited for the run.

Original Sin he introduced as the last single from the new album. After that nearly Everybody ran for the stage. I was lucky enough to end up right in front of the Elton in the 3d row. I'm tall enough so that doesn't matter. The chance to take some photos and have a great time, besides the flowers in one hand and the camera in the other. It was visible to see how Elton enjoyed to have the crowed in front of him. The security guy that didn't let me pass had every now and then the bunch of flowers in his face because I didn't know were to but it. Would he have let me passed he wouldn't have the flowers in his face.

I'm Still Standing and Crocodile Rock passed by and Elton left the stage, the temperatures inside the arena had been high but here crowded in front of the stage it was like inside a sauna. The Band and Elton did sweat very much too, Davey was the only one having a van in front of him, that was nice, made his long Hair fly in the wind. Elton returned for Pinball Wizard, that was great to see live. After Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me Elton and the band left again. Hey what is with my dammed flowers, don't you want to take them at all? Elton returned for the second encore in a blackberry colored running suit that didn't fit him too well and violet tinted frame less glasses. Her walked across the stage, shaking hands, signing autographs and finally collecting my flowers. Thanks Elton no more flowers for you so far. It was a very heavy pushing, everyone wanted to get an autograph even the people of the 5th row. Someone behind me wanted his T-Shirt to be autographed, but he still did wear it so he teared it towards the stage useless try. Jasmin was a lucky person that night and that was sure right. She had a sign saying I'm 40 today, Elton saw it an wished her a Happy Birthday. After he sat down he thanked everyone for the huge applause, the flowers and gifts and he wished Jasmin a "Happy Birthday" through the microphone. Wow what else can someone expect as a birthday present. Did you ever think of that Jasmin? Sure not.

During Your Song through the pushing in front of the stage my camera options had changed and there was a pre flash when I again took a photo of Elton. That earned me a angry look from Elton, hoops I'm sorry, didn't want that, changed the camera options back and could take some more photos. Then everything was over. The only thing left, was a slight humming sound in my ears. Great show for 2,75 hours, and even if sometimes the other instruments didn't leave much space for Eltons Voce and Piano, it was a niche difference to the solo shows.

My husband had enjoyed the so as much as I did, and that was nice because he is no Elton fan and only accompanied me, because I asked him to come, so may be there is one more Elton Fan today.

Take care, and thanks for reading.


Set list of that night:

Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding

Bennie And The Jets


Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Ballad Of The Boy With The Red Shoes

Philadelphia Freedom

The Wasteland

Rocket Man

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

I Want Love

This Train Don't Stop There Anymore

Take Me To The Pilot


Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Oh My Sweet Carolina

American Triangle

Have Mercy On The Criminal

Holiday Inn

Tiny Dancer

Original Sin

I'm Still Standing

Crocodile Rock


Pinball Wizard

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me


Your Song


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