Elton John Solo Tour

Darmstadt Germany 12.07.2003

... "But I'm still standing" ...

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Review of that night:

Yesterday all my trouble seamed so far away...

Heike had worked so hard to get really good tickets for that show and finally got first row seats for herself, and made it possible for a couple of other fans too. I couldn't believe my look, searching what could go wrong. As we arrived at the place there was a row in front of the first row. Once in your life you have front row tickets and than they build up another row in front of you. Grrrrrrrr. But the second row was marvelous too. Really good view and fans that clapped and got into the action so close to the stage.

Sorry I started at the middle of the story. The whole concert was part of the Darmstaedter Residenzfestspiele. That are open are music events from classic to jazz. They also had a soccer game the day of the concert, for the benefit of handicapped people. In the advertising they said Elton wood show up and maybe start the game. All of use were sure he wouldn't show up, but you never can be sure. So a view Elton Fans found their way to the soccer game. The concert ticket was also valid for the soccer game, so why not. It was a very sad thing to see
22 players give thier best in the hot sun and only so view people watching. The teams playing were have German local stars, handicapped people, and soccer players of the local club. Other stars were there as VIP's, Juergen Drews, The Jakob Sisters, Ricky and several others. No one else than German people might know those, but it was so funny to watch this, unbelievable. As thought Elton didn't show up. The concert started at 19 o'clock with an orchestra Frank Below & the local heroes (feat. Deidra Jones & Rueck Washington, Wolfgang Seeliger & Konzertchor Darmstadt/Darmstaedter Hofkapelle) they played 45 minutes several pop hits even some Elton John songs. After that there was a break and the stage was rearranged, Eltons Piano was set up and tuned.

At around 20:20 o'clock Elton came on stage wearing a pink suit, with a black t-shirt underneath, it had something written on it but I couldn't read what it said. Pink crocodile patternd shoes, brown tinted metal ftamed glasses.
A big crowd of camera people were standing in front of the stage so we had to stand up to see something for the first two songs. After that security cleared the place in front of the stage, and the view was great, but there were a lot of security persons in front of the stage. Michael, asked the English security guy when we might be allowed to run for the stage and he said we wont. Okey they had one of the cameras that was filming Elton for the big screens directly in front of the stage and who would protect the poor guy from the crowed if people wold be allowed to run for the stage. We didn't give up hope.Security was so strict they came over and told me to take no pictures. So I only took some after each song when everyone (mainly the fans) were standing up and clapping. Jasmin and Carmen managed to hand Elton their flowers they had bought, fighting against the security guys. I had bought a bunch of flowers too, but stuck in the second row, I didn't know how to surprise security with my try to hand Elton the flowers, so I was thinking of a good way.

Elton did talk quite a bit between the songs.
He introduced Border Song as a song from his Album Elton John, 34 years ago.
He did the usual talk about Aids and that the US Government didn't do something about it before Ballad of the Boy In The Red Shoes.
He played a great and long intro for Honky Cat.
The middle of Rocket Man was really good and special.
I'm Still Standing got a special intro and he played it different than the original version. Jasmin and Carmen were the first on their feat and Carmen made an inviting gesture to the audience in her back, a lot of people stood up and every one clapped their hands. It was really a great atmosphere during that song.
The next song is from the Caribu album, and the song is nowadays even more actual than when I wrote it years ago with Mr. Taupin - Ticking.
Juergen Drews on of the VIP's left after Tiny Dancer and didn't return. But that didn't matter, no one was here because of that guy.
First single from my latest album - I Want Love.
It's always nice to sing a song that has been written by someone else.
Among thousand possible, I picked Mancini and Mercer's Moon River, from the film Breakfast at Tiffany's. Elton's versions is so beautiful, it touches the soul, leaves you breathless.
I don't remember after what song, but The Jakob Sisters (three of those VIP's) stood up and each of the old ladies handed Elton a red rose, he had to knee to reach down to the small women, because the stage was very high 1.6 meters.
At one point people tried to gather in the aisles direct in front of the stage, but security sent them all back.
The second single from the new album and his favorite song of that album This Train Don't Stop There Anymore. Go away. What did Elton say go away, oh he talked to the moths that were flying around him, following the light on the stage.
After one song Elton made a gesture to the audience, no one was sure what it meant, seamed to invite us to come to the front or what, we'll
never know.
I forgot which song it was but fans were singing along and didn't get it right, they went on singing but Elton had a break at that point of the song, it was so funny hearing them sing, realizing that they were wrong and stopping, everyone had a good laugh.
The next songs are from the album The Fox. The first is called Carla and leads directly into the second called Etude.

He did a very long and rocking intro for Take Me To The Pilot. If it would happen, maybe after that song, I still had my flowers, but I didn't have dared to try my luck, because if you fail once, security knows you and you don't have a second chance. But if they would allow people in front of the stage and I was there first with the flowers, I would have got two in one, I could hand Elton my bunch of flowers, and I would have the perfect position in front of the stage. People who tried to go to the stage were sent to the side of the stage. The English security guy had consulted a list, probably the set list and talked to the head of the German security pointing to the list. So I thought now ore never, I stood up walked to the place were they send the people and waited. I asked the German security whether we would be allowed to go after that song. No, never, after the concert, were the answers. How funny. So I asked the English guy and he said too, that we wouldn't be allowed. I asked whether I at least could hand my flowers, no, that could lead to that other people would do the same. I was very shocked. That must have been viable in my face, because he repeated, that we would not be allowed to go to the stage, and blinked with his eye. You are kidding aren't you. No I'm not. Now what. I respectfully waited behind him others were trying to go but were pushed back. After the last note of Take Me To The Pilot, he gave me a sing to go and I did go, ran to the stage but one of the German security guys tried to push me away from the stage. I finally managed to hand Elton the flowers. Ending up in a good position in front of the stage, now that finally people were allowed to stay there. Every meter of the stage stood a security guy. But finally we could take pictures no one said a word now, it was fun to bee there.

Elton did two encores, for the second he switched in a kind of jogging suit, read and white with yellow stars and the number 72 on the back.
He thanked the audience for the love and gifts all over the years and tonight.

It was a really wonderfull show with really great seats. The sett list was two songs shorter than in Bonn.


Set list of that night:

Your Song

Border Song

The One

Someone Saved My Life Tonight

Ballad of the Boy in the Red Shoes


Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

Honky Cat

Rocket Man

I'm Still Standing


Tiny Dancer

I Want Love


Philadelphia Freedom

Candle in the Wind

Moon River

Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word

I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues

This Train Don't Stop There Anymore



Take Me to the Pilot

Bennie and the Jets

Crocodile Rock


Don't Let The Sun Go Down on Me


Circle of Life


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