Elton John with the Orchestra and Choir

Stuttgart Germany 08.12.2005

..."on the bad side of the moon" ...

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Review of that night:

For my person the concert was standing under a bad star. Didn't get good tickets for the show in the first place and so I found my self looking for tickets on ebay. Finally found some real good, that's what I thought at that time and as it was only "buy it now" and cheap for first row, in the front of the stage, I was afraid I could lose the tickets to someone else and hit the buy button. From that moment on, I hoped not having maid a mistake, but I did. When the tickets arrived, I realized I had paid 30 Euros more than the original price on them was and so the tickets couldn't be in the middle in front of the stage in the first row. Okey at least I did have tickets now.

The day of the show I hade to work and so I had to leave early to get on the road in time, for a normally two hour trip to Stuttgart. You probably know what comes now, we had no problems till 30 kilometers before Stuttgart, but then we stood for 1,5 hours in a traffic jam. I hade planed one hour extra time, but that wasn't enough. This was the first concert ever I was late. The time Elton probably started to play, I started banging my head against the steering wheel but it didn't let the traffic jam disappear.

At last we made it to the Schleyer-Halle half an hour late, still a lot of people where coming and we hade to wait for a short time to be checked by security and let in. Elton was playing Take Me To The Pilot at that time. It was nice to hear him play while getting through security. We had to wait at the back of the hall until he was ready with the song before we were allowed to walk to our seats, but the applause time didn't last long enough to reach our seats, they were first row but at the very far left side of the stage. At least first row, hey never ever had that before, but when we reached it, there were no empty seats, so I kneed down at the side, to get our of the way of other peoples sight and to wait for the next applause. But Elton was playing rocket man, that meant to wait quite a while. Finally we could get the people of our seats and sit down. Hey the tickets weren't that bad. From that point on I really could enjoyed the show.

No photos were allowed, they really were strict on that. Elton wore another black Yohji Yamamoto suit with flowers on the back. He didn't do much talking, but dedicated Blessed from the album The One to the one who have small children. He did introduce Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters as a song about New York, and dedicated Tiny Dancer before and after the song "to all you dancers". Before Philadelphia Freedom the choir came on stage. After Sad Song he introduced the choir person by person during that the run for the stage started. It was very slow only a view people ran and were allowed to stay, some were hold back, so I took my chance too and made my way to the stage. Elton was still introducing the choir and after that the band. He was really in a good mood and made a lot of jokes, can't remember all, but Nigel "living inside a place" he repeated it several times before he continued with "California". Instead of Guy Babylon Lindsey Benoit was at the keyboard, Guy is the musical director for Lestat and is neaded there, Elton didn't say a word about that. Introducing Davey similarly funny referring to his birthplace in Scotland. During They Call Her The Cat we had a lot of fun at the stage, but still taking pictures was impossible, I was standing in direct sight of a security guy who several times toled Jasmin and other people to stop taking pictures, I tried to take some pictures but used no flash to turn no attention on me, but the light wasn't enough and I didn't have time to focus on something, just pulling the camera out of my bag pushing the releaser button and immediately letting the camera disappear in my bag again. It's sad but so no rely good picture came out, Jasmin was more luckier because she wasn't so close to the security guy. The time in front of the stage was beautiful Elton jumped on the piano chair putting a foot an the piano during The Bitch is Back, and slamming the piano lid at the end, hey that would have been really beautiful pictures. After a great Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting the Choir left the stage.

Between two songs while drinking from his glass with very likely coke inside, Elton got an ice cube in his mouth and hardly couldn't sing any more, finally he did spit the ice in the direction of the band to be able to sing again. During Crocodile Rock he obviously sang some funny lyrics, I couldn't understand what, but Elton hardly could keep his self from laughing probably mixing up more lyrics.

For Your Song Elton returned in a Black tracksuit and thanked the audience for all the love and wished a secure Holiday season. No autographs this time. He ended after nearly two and a half hours, wow .

I was a little bit disappointed that he played only two Peachtree Road songs on a Peachtree Road Tour.

Nearly all songs were played in a very rocking up tempo way, especially the normally slower songs were played in an up tempo rocking way, I never before heard the songs played that way, it made me fall in love with some songs I normally don't like so much even Your Song sounded great that way. Would love to hear these rocking versions much oftener.

What I later found out at home was that, being with my left ear direct in front of the center speaker of the stage, I ruined my left ear and now I have to live with a frequent peep in it, a tinnitus. First I hoped it would disappear but now one year later its still there, not treatment helped.



Set list of that night:

Funeral For A Friend

Love Lies Bleeding

Bennie And The Jets


Turn The Lights Out When You Leave

Take Me To The Pilot

Rocket Man

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues


The One

Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters


Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word

Tiny Dancer

Philadelphia Freedom

Sad Songs

They Call Her The Cat

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

I'm Still Standing

The Bitch Is Back

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting


Crocodile Rock


Your Song



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