Elton John, Bernie Taupin and Ann Rice at Palace Theatre on Broadway New York 17.04.2006

... "I want more" ...

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Review of that night:

In autum of 2005 we planned and booked a trip to New Yourk for the spring of 2006. When I found out that in advance of the premier of Lestat on 27.04.2006 they were alredy performing for the public I emedeately bought ticket for the show through ticketmaster.com.

We had a hole week in New York and were staying in a hotel on the other siede of the Hudson in New Jersey. So we only once a day took the path train to Manhatton. I tried to pick up my tickets two days in advance of the show, but that didn't work, it is only possible to pick them up the day of the show.

Monday, the day I had tickets for, we also had booked a circle line tripp around Manhatton. That brought up a difficult cloth decicion. Knowing it wood be windy on the ship for three hours, and I also wanted to look nice for the Musical at night, but we wouldn't have enough time to return to the hotel to change cloth. So I decided against the cold and for the eavening, wearing my silk dirndl all day long. We have a saying in Germany "Wo wants to be prity has to suffer", and I did shiffer indead.

We were early one hour in adwance of the show so I could pick up my tickest and was eagerly awaiting the doors to be opened. Some of the bigger bags of people were searched but they didn't care about mine, that hade my complete mirror reflection equipment inside as well as my small digital camera. The varayaty of merchandise they wer selling was very limited. No program availible and so I only bought a magnet.

We had seets in the center of the first floor, with a breathtaking view of the stage. The seats are set very steep so noone in front of you can blook your few. We were informed that it would not be allowed to take pictures during the show, and as I didn't intend to do so I didn't bring any highspeed film that would work without a flashlight, and understandible the flashlight would destroy the atmosphere of the show. They also told us to turn of all cellphones an pager so the show could be enjoyed by everyone. Pepole started to take pictures of each other before the show started and that brought me to the idear to take some shots of the theatre.

When the curtain was raised I was huckt to the show from the very second. I did have only read the first book by the time and did have seen the movie.

Lestat is a great musical, loved the song when Claudia demands "I want more" most, even when it slightly reminds me of a song in the musical Greece. Music is much string and piano but really nice. Sade they didn't have a program of the show as it was before the premiere and the CD won't be out til Summer. The actors did a great job, Lestat, Gabriel and Claudia were outstanding. The stage design was minimized, but it fitted the show perfect. Hope the musical has a long running time, would love to see it again some day.
Was also able to get the other two books with Lestat stories but haven't started reading jet.

We did a lot of sightseeing in New York and after that we drove down the east cost, visiting Gettysburg and other Battlefields and enjoying the Outer Banks, visited a friend in Virginia Beach and finally were flying home from Washington.


Setlist of that night:

black and white Versace fur coat

patent leather Versace shoes

3 other pairs of Versace shoes

green and white short jacket that has Canada written on it's back

black jacket from the Thai Mahal Casino of Atlantic City

woolen grey Versace cardigan with numerous large letters



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