Elton John with the Band

Moenchenglattbach Germany 01.07.2006

... "How wonderful life is" ...

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Review of that night:

It's a long one, enjoy reading. Wow what a show. Normally I wouldn't have gone because it is to fare from where I live, but a coincidence got my attention on first row direct in front of the stage seats, up for auction on ebay, and I managed to get them even beneath original price. So I had to find a way traveling to Moenchengladbach, see the show and be back for work the next morning, we decided to take the train so we could take a nap on the way home. We started in the morning, had to change trains several times and arrived in Moenchengladbach in the afternoon. Everything went well so far, I feared that the front row seats might turn out to be somewhere else because there had to be a rub. There always is! Passing stadium security and getting the camera in was no big trouble and finally the seats turned out to be perfect. Thank's I never had better tickets. The show was in the soccer stadium Borrussia Park, the stage was set up parallel to the longer side of the rectangular stadium, it was completely covered with black fabric on both sides, over it and in the back, in the back the had the LED curtain that later showed nice images. On the both sides of the sage big video screens were mounted and they showed the Peach Tree Road special edition album cover before the concert, they also had black fabric behind them. That made a very nice closed stage appearance. The stage was very high about 1,6 m or so and that was the only slightly bad thing that night. The atmosphere was very convenient for a stadium really nice not a small long space, instead a broad and open space. Three-quarters of an hour before the show was to start, the supporting act The Storys climbed the stage. Nice country boy group but not totally my taste. They played a couple of songs having it not so easy to get the slowly dropping in audience enthusiastic. After halve an hour they left the stage and everything was made ready for the main act. With no announcement, right out of the nothing the band came on stage followed by Elton. They all got a very warm and big applause. With out a word they started with Bennie And The Jets. It was wonderful sitting in the first row being able to outstretch the legs, no one in front of could block the few, only the high stage made it hard to see everyone complete. Elton was hidden behind the piano, but it was fun watching the band. Nigle smiled all time long, he grinned like a Cheshire cat. The boys seamed to have their fun on stage. Elton every now and then pop up behind his piano, and did a lot of talking. He wore another black Yohji Yamamoto suit with "Stardust Kiss" on the right and "Elton John" written on the left side. He wore violet glasses, a violet shirt and a big silver cross around his neck. Before Philadelphia he welcomed the crowed short and rocked on. The security guy in front of me watched the crowed continuously so I didn't dare to take pictures, but after he didn't say a thing about some other peoples I tried too but the high stage made it not easy to get everything. Believe he introduced as a protest and love song from the Made in England Album and a short comment on the beautiful stadium. After a great and long version of Rocket Man, to furies applause he walked across the stage. Tun Out The Light When You Leave he introduced as a country song from his last album, from which they would play two songs. Take Me To The Pilot got a very special and great intro. He thanked the audience for being so great and that he and the band is able to play music for living, and introduced the band telling there pets or hobbies and from where they are. Can't remember everything, sounded like John Mahon has a trout farm (the only t-word that would have made sens for me), Guy Babylon spends his spare time helping deaf people, Bob Birch spends his time with something that sounded like Hell and Raily what ever that might be, collecting coins for Nigle Olson, and the family tree of Jimmy Shan (or something like that) for Davey Johnstone. Sorry Elton talked to quick and inarticulately for me. Tiny Dancer was introduced like always as for all you dancers out there. I Want Love as his favorite from Songs From The West Coast. The rush to the stage was announced buy the security guys getting rid of there chairs on which they had been sitting all the time in front of the stage and then after the last note of Sacrifice everyone ran for the stage. I managed to get a space at the piano, Elton collected several flowers, after that the crowd rocked to Are You Ready For Love. Sad Songs was replaced with Crocodile Rock. After Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting the band and Elton left the stage and Elton returned without having changed closes. He walked a cross the stage and started to give autographs. Heavy pushing of the crowd everyone wanted to get one, I was lucky to get my playbill from Lestat signed. Before Your Song he thanked the fans for their support in his more than 30 years he was playing in Germany, it sounded a little bit like a goodby for me but he didn't say a word of stopping touring Germany. He wished Germany good luck for the soccer world cup (lets see if that helps). We were very lucky with the weather as it had rained in Germany much for the last couple of weeks, and this was one of the first days with cold but dry weather. Elton Played for 2,5 hours, it once again was a really great show. What was left was a long way home, that reminded me of a good friends travel, sitting in uncomfortable seats trying to sleep. The good thing was that we didn't have to change trains very often, but had to wait always between arrival and departer over an hour. The shoos form Elton's Closet I wore had survived there acid test and are now ready to be worn mor often.

John Mahon's hobby was turtoises


Set list of that night:

Bennie And The Jets

Philadelphia Freedom



Rocket Man

I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Turn The Lights Out When You Leave

They Call Her The Cat

The One

Take Me To The Pilot

Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding

Tiny Dancer

I Want Love

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word


Are You Ready For Love

Crocodile Rock

I'm Still Standing

The Bitch Is Back

Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting


Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Your Song



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