Elton John with the Band

Baden Baden Germany 08.06.2007

... "I wouldn't believe in the right to stand here" ...

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Review of that night:

It's a long one, enjoy reading. There were two shos colose noghe to go to this year, but I was too late to get good tickets to any of them, not knowing wheater the good ones where ever availible to the puglic. So I decided to go for a second chance on an onlie action platform and leave it to my luck to which show I would go. I started searching for tickets on ebay and soon found out they were going way over the original price, I didn't want to support that, so I seamed I was out of the game. A view days in advance of the BadenBaden show I fond an action with front row seats and didn't beleav may eyes wehen the price was still reasonable. But the auction ended only one day bevore the show, so there would be no time to get the tickets send by mail. I emaild the person selling the tickets and she told me that they wold go to the show to and we could excange money and tickets there. The auction ended on the facevalue of the tickets with me as the winner, I felt so lucky still couldn't beleve it, there had to be somthing wrong. So good things normaly don't happen. Next day my friend and I drove to the show, with enoghe time to be extra erly so nothing could go wrong any more. I had excanged cell phone numbers with the ticket seller so there wouldn't be a chance we wouldn't find each other in front of the location. As we were still on the highway the seller called to aske where we were right now, they hade been to the town near the horse racing trac during the afternoon and now were also drifing to the place. So fare so good. We reached the location, parced oure car and were happy that we were so early, because ther were only tow streats leading to the horse race trak were the concert took place. The nex time my cell phone rang was when we stood in front of the main gate, the seller called and said they were coght in a trafic queue because of an axident further in advanced. Oh no, there we were in front of the show with only halve an hour left and no tickets. What could we do search for a place to sit down and wait. We waited pacently but the clock keapt ticking and the show started with us in front of the place. We missed the introduction, we missed the first song, and than, finally the seller arived giving us the tickets out of the car, because the parking lot was further away from the race track so we could enter and exchange money after the show, they had the seats adjacent to the one they gave to us. Passing the security at the entrance was no problem, we did have enoghe time to figgure out where to hide the camera, and past them we started to run for our seats as there was a long way to go. When we finnaly reached our seats they had been taken by other people that made way for us, and we told the peple on the seats of our sellers they wouldn't be able to sit there much longer.

Now it was time to enjoy the perfect view and relax.


Set list of that night:

Funeral For A Friend

Loves Lies Bleeding

The Bitch Is Back


Madman Across The Water

Tiny Dancer


Rocket Man

Honky Cat


I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Burn Down The Mission

The Bridge

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Bennie And The Jets

Philadelphia Freedom

Are You Ready For Love

Something About The Way You Look Tonight

Sad Songs (Say So Much)

I'm Still Standing

Crocodile Rock

Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)


Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

Your Song




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