This pages were build to share concert photos I took, concert experiences I had and of course

to trade with other Elton John Fans, the vinyl, CD's and other things I've got twice.


I never took notice who sang the songs, I liked to listen to, till the day I bought a 4 CD set where the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra played the songs of Genesis, Queen, Pink Floyd and Elton John. You can imagine which CD was my favorite one? Of course that one where they played the songs of Elton John. That awoke my interest in the artist, I wanted to hear how the original songs sounded and so I went and bought my very first Elton John CD. No easy job, if you stand in front of a record store CD rack filled with 20 or more Elton John CD's and you don't have a clue which one to buy. I took "The Very Best Of Elton John". I will never forget how it was when I came home, took the earphones and listened to the double CD set from beginning to end. My addiction for the songs of Elton John was born. That started my collection of Elton John CD's and Vinyl that now is really big, but still has gaps to be filled.

I hope to meet people via the web site to share experiences with, to have good conversations with, and of course to trade with.

So feel free to contact me.